Why should I buy the course from you while there are so many other programs?

When you buy a course from any other platform, you will just get a bunch of information packaged. Whether it is Udemy on-demand courses or other individual courses. You watch a bunch of videos and get a completion certificate, but beyond that, there isn’t a proper understanding of concepts and real time practical application to it. That is why Skillioma has interdisciplinary learning which means if you take an entrepreneurship program with us, you will also learn basic finance, marketing and leadership skills. And most of all, every course has at least 25 critical thinking challenges which are reviewed, graded and the student is guided on weak areas. This will enable the learner to think critically and apply this knowledge to grow in their careers and build success. Multiple senses learning is another unique feature of Skillioma’s courses. The user can learn through reading and visuals or through videos. 

How do you justify the price for the courses?

The goal of the company and its founders is to make the learning relevant, accessible and affordable. If you do a quick comparison with other courses available outside, you will immediately notice that the content is very limited, basic, non-interdisciplinary and no availability of critical thinking challenges or assignments. And none of these are graded or guided. Skillioma has a team of experts in each skill area for creating the most powerful, relevant content so it caters to all levels of learners. Skillioma’s mentors review your assignments, provide feedback and guidance as needed. The price is pretty competitive at 3999/- for a plethora of features.

What is the criteria to get Skillioma’s course completion certificate?

Each course and lesson has credits and minimum pass scores which are clearly stated on each lesson. Once you score the minimum required credits per course, you will pass the course and will receive a completion certificate.

How does Skillioma’s course help high school students build a college profile for foreign admissions?

Students who show the aptitude on leadership and entrepreneurship skills will put them on the top for the selection process. This is totally possible and achievable with Skillioma’s courses on Entrepreneurship and Leadership as all the courses in Skillioma are built meticulously so the student develops practical approach and critical thinking skills. The US universities value the demonstration of future skills more than the SAT, ACT scores and heavily build on the college profile for the student who is planning to apply to US, UK colleges for higher studies.

How can we reach your support team?

You can write to us 24/7 on support@skillioma.com or call us at 630316603 during business hours. If you are already enrolled in one or more of our courses, you can ask any question anytime to one of your mentors on the “Question and Answers” panel.