Financial Skills

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Last Update September 30, 2021

About This Course

Welcome to the ‘Introduction to the Financial Markets’ lesson plan. In this plan you will learn all the course curriculum in an interdisciplinary manner.

Each unit is structured in four parts

  1. Chapters and lessons mapped to the CBSE syllabus.
  2. Lessons from Skillioma for easy and real world understanding
  3. Bonus or optional lessons for interdisciplinary learning
  4. One graded critical thinking challenge question that is linked to a writing or group discussion activity.

Each student will have access to the following

  • Leaderboard where you can see who is ahead of you in completing the lesson plan.
  • ‘Question and Answer’ section where you can always write to a mentor from Skillioma or your teacher for any questions.
  • Group discussion board(moderated) so you can ask a question to your classmate or peer.
  • Grade book which gives detailed information on the quiz marks, assignments and final grade.
  • Enthusiastic students can learn beyond the lesson plan content by hopping over to our content based learning system.


12 Lessons



Unit One (4h)

Unit One Interdisciplinary content (optional)

Unit Two (4h)

Unit Two Interdisciplinary content (optional)

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