21st century holistic learning – grade 8

Last Update October 12, 2021

About This Course

Welcome to the 21st century holistic skill learning program for grade 8. In this program you will get a plethora of features and we at Skillioma strive incessantly to give you the best and request you to guide the kids for participation in this program by doing their critical thinking assignments and lessons on time.

  • All content is personalised for your grade level for easy understanding.
  • Each lesson contains a framework that develops vocabulary, memory, and critical thinking in the students.
  • Each lesson has a Q & A section where the student can enter any question for the Skillioma’s mentor to answer and explain. (Best mode)
  • Each lesson has a critical thinking challenge question as an assignment which covers reading, writing skills.
  • All assignments are reviewed and graded by Skillioma’s mentors.
  • Tracking/ Grade reports are provided.
  • Course completion certificate is provided to the student at the end of the course/after completion of at least 60% of the content and assignments.

Please note that the content for lower grades will be automatically added to you for FREE. For example, if your child is in Grade 8, you will have access to the entire grade 6,7 content for reference purposes. Skillioma’s programs are meticulously designed for that grade level which includes pre-requisites too.

If there are any queries, write to contact@skillioma.com and one of our representatives will respond at the earliest.


34 Lessons

Unit One

Learn the art of public speaking
Critical thinking challenge question 1
What is the difference between a freelancing job, full-time job or being an entrepreneur
Critical thinking challenge question 2
How does the future of computers look like? – What is Artifical Intelligence and Machine Learning
Types Of Writing(refrerence article for critical thinking challenges)
Critical thinking challenge question 3
What do you mean by ‘risk’
Critical thinking challenge question 4

Unit Two

Unit Three

Unit Four

Unit Five

Unit Six

Unit Seven

Unit Eight

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