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Welcome to the entrepreneurship course with Skillioma.

Skillioma is an interdisciplinary platform for real world skills.This course is unlike others, very unique in a number of ways. Let’s look at the unique features of this course

  • Entrepreneurship A-Z concepts with real world examples in all the content.
  • The course also covers basic financial, leadership, marketing skills along with entrepreneurship skills
  • The course is interdisciplinary and helps you think outside the box to solve a problem. Remember, entrepreneurial mindset is about solving problems
  • The course has 50+ text, image and video based content from different disciplines.
  • The course has more than 30 exercises to work on.
  • Special bonus section on FAQ’s(common myths busted), Tools of the Trade, Productivity boosters, Recommended reading
  • The course has a full in-depth case study.
  • The course has 80+ quiz questions to test your knowledge in the end.
  • The course is designed by an entrepreneur who knows the thick and thin of it.
  • The questions on Q&A section will be answered by our team or send an email to support@skillioma.com

Pre-requisites for the course

  • Anyone that wants to grow, excel or succeed in their life can take this up.
  • Anyone whether you aspire to be an entrepreneur or a job holder or studying in high school or college can take this course. The future of jobs requires entrepreneurial mindset.
  • You just need a laptop, determination, persistence and willingness to learn.

Check out the program outline for full list of topics covered in this course.

1,299RS 1,999RS

Additional Details

  • Any Level
  • 30 Hours
  • 1920 points
  • February 21, 2021 10:00 am
Course Curriculum


18 Lessons / 0 Quizzes
Intro Video Preview 10 points
What is the difference between entrepreneurship and business 10 points
Assignment #1- Prepare a document stating what you are? Are you an entrepreneur or a business person? 50 points
What is Solopreneurship 10 points
What is a Small Business 10 points
Vision board for students 10 points
Assignment #2 - Create a vision board for your company's goals or steps to achieving your goals 50 points
5 Time management skills 10 points
Assignment #3 - Prepare a time management plan or a comprehensive schedule for your work 50 points
Learn the art of public speaking 10 points
What is a growth mindset and why is it important? 10 points
Assignment #4- Create a table depicting your growth mindset and fixed mindset qualities you have 50 points
What is leadership and Who is a leader? 10 points
What is Optimism Quotient and why is it important for entrepreneurs 10 points
Assignment #5- Create a plan to develop your leadership skills. 50 points
How to become a Young Entrepreneur 10 points
Assignment #6- If you are going to be a young entrepreneur(teenage or early 20's), write down how you will build your credibility and what other challenges you will face and how you overcome that 50 points
What is the process of entrepreneurship 10 points


8 Lessons / 0 Quizzes
The ideation process of your startup 10 points
Assignment #7- Describe your idea in 50 characters or less 50 points
Assignment #8- Prepare an elevator pitch in 20 words or less 50 points
Assignment #9- Describe how you are unique from your competitors 50 points
Assignment #10- Describe how you will earn your customers 50 points
How do you perform market analysis and what kind of tools are available? 10 points
Assignment #11- Describe what your market analysis results are? 50 points
How to test if your business model is viable? 10 points


33 Lessons / 0 Quizzes
Registering your company in India 10 points
What is a roadmap? Why do you need one? 10 points
Assignment #12- Create a roadmap for your company's ideation process and execution process. Roadmap should be created until launch of your product/service 50 points
What is a business plan? 10 points
Assignment #13- Create your business plan by including all the elements that you learned. 50 points
What is a prototype? 10 points
How important is it for a startup to form a good team? 10 points
The cost of hiring a new employee 10 points
How much working capital does a small business need? 10 points
Assignment #14- Create a resource plan for your company. Include their salaries, how long you need their services, type of work etc. 50 points
Project risks and contingency plan 10 points
How do you calculate risks for your startup 10 points
Assignment #15- Create a risk plan and contingency steps to overcome the risks. Include all kinds of risks, market risk, implementation risk, legal risks etc. 50 points
How do you create a Minimum Viable Product 10 points
What is company revenue? How to calculate it? 10 points
Assignment #16- Describe how you are going to create your MVP? 50 points
What does bootstrapping or self funding mean? 10 points
Assignment #17- Brainstorm and plan how you will arrange for funds? Will you bootstrap or bring a VC or Angel investor? If so, what is the approach? 50 points
How to write a killer pitch for an investor 10 points
Assignment #18- Create a pitch deck for your company idea 50 points
How do you pitch to an Investor? And do you really need one? 10 points
What is market value? How to calculate it for a startup? 10 points
Financial characteristics of a successful company 10 points
What is break even analysis 10 points
Assignment #19- Prepare a break even analysis report for your company 50 points
What is the meaning of 'metrics' 10 points
Assignment #20- What are some important metrics you need to measure for your company 50 points
What is 'Net Worth' 10 points
What is SWOT analysis 10 points
Assignment #21- Prepare a SWOT analysis report for your company 50 points
What is rule of 72 10 points
What are basic risk methods 10 points
What are Mergers and Acquisitions(M&A) 10 points


5 Lessons / 0 Quizzes
what is an investment 10 points
What is GST? What do you need to learn about it? 10 points
What is a stock market 10 points
what are mutual funds 10 points
Financial words that every student should know 10 points


16 Lessons / 0 Quizzes
What is the difference between sales and marketing 10 points
opportunities in the digital age 10 points
What is marketing and its importance for startups 10 points
What is passive income? 10 points
What is podcasting 10 points
Affiliate Marketing 10 points
How to build a personal brand 10 points
Write how to use individual channels in detail for personal branding( instagram, FB, Linkedin)- 3 different articles or one. 10 points
Assignment #23- Create a personal branding plan for yourself to build credibility as a person 50 points
Digital marketing 10 points
What is a B2B and B2C model? 10 points
What is a Freemium Model? 10 points
How do you get your first 10 customers? 10 points
Assignment #24- Prepare an offline and online or digital marketing plan for your company 50 points
What are unicorns? 10 points
Assignment #25- Plan a journey to your unicorn status. 50 points


4 Lessons / 0 Quizzes
Productivity boosters 10 points
Tools of the trade 10 points
Recommended reading 10 points
Common myths busted 10 points


2 Lessons / 0 Quizzes
Zomato case study 50 points
Wrap Up Video Preview 10 points


0 Lessons / 1 Quizzes
Test your knowledge 80 points 30m

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