Power Of Expression – Business Communication – Stem Certificate (USA ORG)

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About Course

Prerequisites for the Power Of Expression – Business Communication – Stem Certificate (USA ORG) course: Basic reading, writing, speaking skills. A tablet or a computer and a learning attitude.

Who is this English Communication course designed for?

If you are able to communicate decently enough but get lost during business conversations, meetings, writing professional emails, understanding global cultures etc. then this is the course for you. This course will help you build your career and grow in the corporate ladder. Professional communication is a MUST for the global world, NOW, more than ever. Since we start from the basics of grammar, this is a good end to end course to review old concepts and learn new concepts.


What to expect by the end of the course?

Note: You will be able to achieve all of the results only if you complete all critical thinking assignments and submit them to Skillioma’s mentor group.

 To be able to speak fluently.
 To become confident to converse in English better.
 To be able to write professional emails well.
 Understand corporate vocabulary, learn business etiquette and build business acumen.
 Earn the most valued STEM.org blockchain certificate from the US-based organisation.
What is the typical length of the course?

30 hours to learn and understand the concepts.
15-20 hours to complete all the assignments.
Average time 3-4 hours per week. Complete the course within 5-6 months. (You will get one year of access to the course)

STEM.org Reviewed Badge -Skillioma
STEM.org Reviewed Badge -Skillioma
Why should I learn from Skillioma?
  • Skillioma has a unique copyrighted framework that teaches skills in the most practical way possible. Skillioma’s mantra is to enable you to ‘learn more in less time.’
  • All courses in Skillioma as designed for your career success.
  • All lessons come with multiple senses learning methods (Audio, Video, Text, Infographics, Quizzes, Vocabulary, Puzzle games, Critical Thinking Challenges)
  • All Critical Thinking Challenges enable you to put the knowledge into practical use as they are integrated with reading, writing, speaking, typing, and creativity skills.
  • All assignments are graded by Skillioma’s in-house team so you can improve on weak areas with expert feedback.
  • All doubts will be answered by Skillioma’s team within 24-48 hours via the LMS or email.

For more info, visit FAQs at https://www.skillioma.com/

How do I earn the most valued STEM.org blockchain certificate?

At the end of every lesson in any course you take with us, you will have critical thinking challenge assignments that need to be submitted to Skillioma for review, grading and feedback. The completion certificate has to be earned and for that, you have to attempt at least 90% of the assignments and secure a 70% score, after which you will be awarded the blockchain STEM.org certificate from them for Skillioma’s courses that you take. You will be awarded a STEM ID, which cannot be tampered with and can be accessed by any organisation by just entering the ID into the credentialing verification system. This will add huge value to your success in job and career or higher education.

For more info, visit https://www.skillioma.com/stem-org-certification-benefits/

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Course Content


  • Parts of speech
  • Critical Thinking Question 1# (Optional)
  • Types of sentences
  • Critical Thinking Question 2# (Optional)
  • Tips for using the right punctuation
  • Critical Thinking Question 3# (Optional)
  • Tenses
  • Critical Thinking Question 4# (Optional)
  • Connectives and Conjunctions
  • Critical Thinking Question 5# (Optional)
  • Assessment One: Write in upto 1000 words, why you have joined this course and what your future goals are? (Mandatory)